Reusable Flat Slide Sheet for Patient Transfers, Turning and Repositioning

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SKU: PA20071 Patient Aid


Patient Aid flat transfer slide sheets are made with the highest quality durable and heavy-duty nylon to provide the caregiver with peace of mind when delivering care to their loved one. If used and laundered correctly, the Patient Aid Flat Slide Sheets will last for years. They are a low friction device used to aid family members and health care professionals in repositioning, turning and transferring the patient’s body in bed.

Reusable Flat Sheets can be used to move and reposition a patient without pulling the patient’s body, arms or legs, and without the caregiver having to lift. They are made from strong nylon material. Caregivers can maneuver patients to the desired position without having to lift, which can cause injury to arms, back, and related muscles. 

Sling Features:
  • Transferring, Moving and Repositioning patients couldn't be easier with the Patient Aid Mover Flat slide sheets
  • Flat Slide sheets are NOT lifting devices and should never be used to pick patients up. 
  • Breathable for comfort and compatibility with alternating pressure and low air loss bed mattresses
  • Gentle against the skin which allows the patient to be positioned or moved in any direction easily
  • Valuable assistance with turning a patient while helping prevent back injuries to staff & caregivers
  • Flat slide sheets make it very easy to move a patient with a slick bottom layer surface to decrease the friction
  • Easy to clean and long lasting
  • 500lb Weight Capacity to accommodate patients from heavy to light
  • Washable and very easy to clean
  • 1 year limited warranty