Patient Transfer Handling Belt, Padded Walking Gait Belt

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SKU: PA430M Patient Aid


The Patient Aid Handling belt is made for Patients requiring ambulation or transfer assistance. The handling belt is to provide caregivers with a secure hold point to assist patients during supervised walking and transfers. This belt is great for helping patients to stand up or sit down. It makes transferring an unstable patient from a bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to car seat or wheelchair to toilet much easier and safer. It also helps the caregiver by giving them more leverage points and takes a lot of the pressure off their backs compared to picking the patient up under their arms and raising them. The PA-430 comes with 6 easy to grip handles and a anti slide liner material on the inside of the belt to keep it in place which reduces the risk of it sliding up their back when lifting or lowering the patient. The handling belt comes with an adjustable quick release belt buckle which can be tightened without opening, quick and easy removal and accommodates most patient’s sizes.

The patient aid handling transfer belt contours to the patient’s body for a comfortable and secure fit. The top-quality construction of the belt ensures longevity and can be easily laundered. This belt is available in two sizes (Medium, Large) to fit any need the patient or caretaker might have. It is important to use an appropriate Transfer Belt that is recommended by the individual’s doctor, nurse or medical assistant for the comfort and safety of the individual being lifted and their specific medical need. The PA-430 transfer handling belt is an excellent choice to provide a safe, secure and comfortable transfer. The patient aid handling belt is not intended to be used as a restraint and should be removed immediately after each use.

Sling Features:
  • Transfer between bed and wheelchair, wheelchair and toilet, or car
  • Help a patient get up or sit down
  • Provide support when walking
  • Help patient up from the floor
  • Provide extra support for unstable patients
  • Can be worn by caregiver to give patient extra grab points
  • Diagonally placed handles that allows the caregiver to maintain a more ergonomic grip
  • Non-slip material on the inside of the belt
  • Quick release adjustable belt buckle
  • Reduces caregiver back strain and possible injury during transfer
  • Machine wash and dry or wipe clean
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Adjustable Belt Size: Medium (29"-42"), Large (34"-50")

For safer transfers, it is recommended that both caregiver and the patient wear a transfer handling belt.

Sling Specifications:
Size: Medium Large
Model:  PA-430M PA-430L
Material:  Solid Polyester Fabric Solid Polyester Fabric
Weight Capacity:  250lbs 250lbs
Warranty:  1 Year 1 Year