Patient Aid 34" x 72" Positioning Bed Pad with Handles


SKU: PA3472H Patient Aid


Caring and moving incontinent patients has its challenges. Dedicated to providing hospital accessories that make the tasks of nurses,
home care specialists & emergency medical technicians easier & more efficient, we've designed the perfect reusable bed pad.

Never again worry about liquids soaking through. Our large waterproof bed pad delivers optimal protection day & night!

3 LAYERS of Protection: Best Bed Pads for Incontinence Among Adults & Children - For Hospital Stays & Home Use

TOP PAD LAYER - 100% Brushed Polyester - Comfortable, Breathable, No-Noise Day & Night Protection Underpad
MIDDLE LAYER - Non-woven, 90% Polyester & 10% Rayon - Absorbs or "Soaks" Up Urine, Sweat & Other Liquids
BOTTOM LAYER - Polyester & Polyurethane - Dependable Waterproof Bed Pad Protector - Protects Sheets & Bedding

✅ Bed Underpad Doubles as a Patient Transfer Sheet • Features 4 Handle Straps (2 on each side) for Easy Patient Lifting
✅ Machine Washable & Dryable unlike disposable underpads • Less Waste = Money Saved • Best Choice Washable Bed Pad
✅ Triple Ply Bedding Underpad Protects Sheets & Mattress from Moisture • Effectively Absorbs Sweat, Urine & Much More
✅ Hospital Quality Bed Pads for Medical Settings, At Home Patient Care & Potty Training • Multipurpose Medical Underpads
✅ Folds up for Discreet Storing • Fold & Slip Under Mattress When Not in Use • Premiere Medical Equipment You Can Trust

We here at Patient Aid strive to ensure we deliver the quality & convenience you can count on. Professionally designed with
nurses & those who care for the elderly or disabled in mind, our high quality washable waterproof bed pads never disappoint.

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