Chair & Bed Alarm : Magnet Pull Cord Alarm for Elderly & Dementia Patients - Battery, Magnetic Caregiver Alert & 3 Mounting Options by Patient Aid


SKU: PA501 Patient Aid


Compact & affordable, this FDA-registered bed exit alarm alerts you the instant your patient tries to get up. Comes with 9V battery, magnetic pull cord, 3 mounting options & full instructions.

Do you care for someone who's in danger of falling or wandering? Get the Patient Aid Bed & Chair Alarm. Unlike costly, unreliable bed pads, this powerful caregiver alert lets you know loud & clear when your patient is about to exit a bed, wheelchair, or bed chair. Ideal for elderly, dementia & Alzheimer's patients.

Your Patient Aid System Provides:

•Premium wireless monitor clad in sturdy ABS molded plastic
•Removable rubber sheath (a Patient Aid exclusive), designed to protect your monitor against damage from dropping & banging
3 monitor mounts: U bracket (clips easily to bed or chair); wall bracket (attaches with screws or command strips); and hook-&-loop attachment
•Adjustable pull cord with attached multi-directional magnet
•9V battery (included)

To Use Simply:

•Attach magnet to monitor's metal disk
•Clip pull cord to patient's clothing (safely out of reach)
•Choose your settings: alarm or music; high or low volume

As soon as your patient moves to stand up, the magnetic cord will pull away & activate the alarm. (Press Reset button to silence alarm.)

Ideal for Use In:

•Assisted Living
•Memory Care Units
•Hospitals & Other Medical Facilities

Safety Information:
Do not use this device on a resident or patient with a pacemaker. This is not suitable for all patients, including but not limited to, those wishing to defeat the alarm system. The alarm is not a restraint and will not prevent a resident or patient from getting out of their bed or chair. It is not a substitute for routine visual monitoring by caregiver, and is intended to be used in conjunction with a comprehensive fall management program. Test alarm before each use.

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