Bariatric Disposable Single Patient Use (SPU) Transfer Sheet with Hand Grips (75"L x 43"W)


SKU: PA110190 Patient Aid


The Patient Aid Bariatric disposable transfer sheet is a full body length transfer sheet that features six ergonomic handles cut into each side to help caregivers get a firm safe grip. This extra wide transfer sheet is made of very strong non-woven PP to provide a cost effective affordable solution for patient transfers. The patient specific transfer sheet is ideal for fast moving patient areas such as emergency rooms, ICU, operating rooms, ambulances, transport services, hospitals and health care facilities and is an optimal solution for transferring patients with infections or those who may contaminate from body fluids. The bariatric transfer sheet may assist in combating infectious bacteria and creating a more hygienic and safer environment for patients. These heavy duty transfer sheets have been designed to make bariatric and heavier patient handling both easy and safe, helping prevent back strain and caregiver injuries. It has a weight capacity in wet and dry environments of 890lbs of weight when dry and 925lbs of weight when the sheet is dry. Patient transfer sheets are used for patient turning, repositioning, and lateral transfers. Size: Standard: 75"L x 43"W. Pack of 5.