Patient Aid Thigh Lifter Strap, Leg Lift Assist Band with Padded Wrist Strap - Mobility Device for Disabled, Elderly, Limited Mobility


SKU: PA414 Patient Aid


As a reputable brand that carries high quality hospital supplies, we specialize in designing the BEST mobility aids for disabled & elderly patients.
Featuring a new & improved design, our leg lifting straps surpass all other thigh lift assist bands in terms of durability, dependability & comfort.

✅ COMFORTABLE, EASY TO GRIP PADDED HANDLE - Enhanced with Cushioned Padding to Make Lifting Easy & Effortless
Whereas other mobility products feature handles that pinch the hands, this leg lift strap has been boosted with a generous amount of padding.

✅ D-RING BUCKLE FOR QUICK/EASY ADJUSTMENTS - Slide the Easy Adjust Metal Buckle to Achieve a Snug but Secure Fit
Unlike typical mobility chair accessories, this one has been developed for convenience. Use the D-ring buckle to adjust the thigh lifter to size.

✅ UNIVERSAL ONE-SIZE-FITS-MOST ADULT PATIENTS - Adjusts to Fit Thighs Up to 22" - Use Belt for Men, Women Patients
Leg lifter with loop adjustable to 22 inches. The preferred mobility aids for disabled, elderly, hip surgery care, bariatric patients, senior citizens.

**Washing & Care Instructions: Patient Aid mobility bands should be washed in warm or cold water. Air drying or tumble drying at a
low temperature is recommended. Do not use any fabric softener or bleach. Do not wash or dry at temperatures that exceed 180°F (82°C).

⭐ Polyester Fabric + Polypropylene Strap Strong & Durable Mobility Devices for Disabled & Elderly Care.
⭐ Use mobility aids for seniors getting in & out of bed, wheelchair transfers, after surgery movement & more.

Mobility help for elderly or disabled patients is only a lift away. Forget the rest & get you the best. Patient Aid accessories never disappoint.
A leg lifter with strap will change the way you handle patient transfers from here on out. Do yourself a favor. Click 'ADD TO CART' now!