Sit To Stand Patient Lift Sling


SKU: PA130R Patient Aid


The Patient Aid Sit to Stand sling is made for patients who have head and neck control, able to bend at the hip, knees and ankles and can sit up on the edge of the bed. The sit to stand sling is designed to go around the patient’s torso and under their arms and is only appropriate for patients who have a greater degree of weight bearing ability. In addition to making seating transfers, this sling will facilitate the toileting procedure by allowing the lowering of clothing. A textured adjustable belt and separate buckle strap hold the sling securely in place and keep the sling from sliding up and putting pressure under the patient’s arms during the transfer. 

The sit to stand sling provides patients with a safe, supportive and comfortable way to transfer from a seated position in and out of bed to a chair, wheelchair, toilet or from chair to chair. The Sit to stand patient Sling is made with a solid Polyester fabric that is padded that protects those patients with sensitive skin while also preventing the patient from sliding down in the sling. The sit to stand sling can also be used in conjunction with an optional Buttock Strap for extra security and support. The sit to stand slings help promote dependence and allow the patient to regain some strength in their legs by continuing to use them instead of always relying on a full body transfer where the patient uses no muscles or much physical exertion.

Sling Features:
  • For Patients who have weight bearing capacity, head and neck control and able to bend at the knees, hip and ankles
  • Must only be used when transferring a resident from a seated position and only work with sit to stand patient lift models
  • Helps promote patient dependence and provides quick and effective transfers
  • Ideal for transferring a patient from the bed to a toilet or shower chair or from chair to chair
  • A textured adjustable waist strap and non-slip back hold the sling securely in place
  • 2 reinforced hookup points that work with any competitive sit to stand style patient lifts
  • Provides support at the torso and beneath the arms maximizing patient comfort and security
  • Available in 2 sizes to accommodate patients from heavy to light
  • Allows quick and easy access for toileting
  • Does not work with floor style lifts that have spreader bars that attach the slings above the patient
  • Chain Free design protects patients skin and hair from getting pinched or injured in the chains
  • Color coded loops inside the positioning straps help align the sling properly on the lift
  • Washable and very easy to clean
  • 440lb weight capacity
  • 1 year limited warranty

The Patient Aid Sit to Stand Patient Lift Sling is compatible with stand up lifts from Hoyer, Invacare, Drive Medical, Medline, Lumex and many other Stand Assist Patient Lift Manufacturers.

Sling Specification:
Size: Universal Regular Universal Large
Model:  PA-130R PA-131L
Material:  Solid Polyester Fabric Solid Polyester Fabric
Weight Capacity:  440lbs 440lbs
Warranty:  1 Year 1 Year